Developing an AUTOSAR Compliant application with the Aurix™ TriCore Microcontroller can be a daunting task for even an experienced embedded software developer. TASKING offers a complete safety Eco-system that quickly and efficiently guides the OEM and Tier one seamlessly through the ISO 26262 qualification process. 

In part III of this three part webinar series we will examine the safety use case of a fail-operational EPS system and address several of the safety challenges recommended by ISO 26262 including: Tool Qualification, establishing Tool Confidence Level (TCL) and ensuring Freedom From Interference (FFI).

This Webinar will assist the AURIX™ Embedded System Designer by:
  • Explaining the impact of ISO 26262 Functional Safety Requirements on the tool chain environment, including Compiler qualification and Tool Confidence level
  • Showing the necessity of achieving Freedom from Interference (FFI) in your safety application. Ensuring Software Components (SWC) with a lower ASIL rating don’t interfere with SWC’s with a higher ASIL rating is required by ISO-26262
  • Demonstrating how to detect and fix memory faults like unintended memory access and RAM corruption
  • Highlighting the importance of compiler optimization options and demonstrating how they may adversely affect the Functional Safety rating of your software

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April 15, 2021
4:30 - 5:30 PM 

(Central European Summer Time)
hosted by
Roger Smith
Field Application Engineer


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How to develop an AUTOSAR Compliant Aurix™ Application

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